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WORKER FATALITIES 4,821 workers died on the job in 2014

Did you complete all of your required OSHA Training this year?

Over time, we all forget things.  That’s why critical safety training  must be repeated over and over again.  In the USA, OSHA mandates that certain safety training be repeated on a regular basis.

Below is a partial list of OSHA mandated refresher training subjects, their standard numbers, and the frequency that training has to be repeated.   This list only addresses OSHA retraining requirements on standards that we believe would be of interest to YOU.   We did not try to develop an all-inclusive list that addresses OSHA’s more obscure training standards.  We provide you with a comprehensive one day training that covers all of the training below. One onsite visit to cover all of your annual training.

Call us today for a free quote. We come to your site and cover all of your required topics listed below… and more as needed.


Employees who make permit required Confined Space Entry rescues  (1910.146)  –  Annual

Fire Extinguishers (1910.157)  –  Annual

Hearing Protection (1910.95)  –  Annual

Respirators (1910.134)  –  Annual

Bloodborne pathogens (1910.1030)  –  Annual

Hazard Communication (1910.1200)  –  When a new hazard is introduced, also check for state specific requirements

Lockout Tagout (1910.147)  –  When there is a change

Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178)  –  Re-evaluation every three years;  re-training if new equipment is introduced, an accident occurs, or if the operator is operating the equipment in an unsafe manner

We do it all in one site visit. We are flexible and will work with your schedule to ensure we get everyone trained. Call today for a free quote!


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