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WORKER FATALITIES 4,679 workers died on the job in 2014

  • Have an HCS Plan
  • Review and Updated it as Needed
  • Designate an HCS Coordinator
  • Prepare for OSHA Inspections (via Mock Inspections)
  • Keep an Eye on GHS
  • Identify All Hazardous Chemicals
  • Properly Label Containers, Tanks, Pipes, etc.
  • Know Reporting and Regulatory Obligations, e.g., Tier II, DHS, California Prop 65
  • Monitor Chemical Quantities
  • Substitute Safer Chemicals when Possible
  • Maintain MSDS for all Chemicals
  • Make MSDSs Available to Employees
  • Must Have MSDSs in English
  • Archive MSDSs for 30 Years from Discontinuation of Use as Part of Medical and Exposure Records Standard (1910.1020
  • Train Employees on:
    • What Chemicals are in Workplace
    • Proper Use and Storage of Chemicals
    • How to Find and Read MSDSs
    • Use of PPEs