Certified Forklift Safety Training Classes in Santa Clara, CA.

Santa Clara Companies Must Ensure their Forklift Operators are Certified.

Every forklift operator must have a valid Operators license before operating any company forklift.  It is the responsibility of both the operator and the company to ensure that the operator’s license is valid.

In 1910.178(a)(1), OSHA identifies the following vehicles that companies are required to ensure their operators are certified to operate:

  • Fork trucks
  • Tractors
  • Platform lift trucks
  • Motorized hand trucks
  • Other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines

Not only are forklift operators required to be certified they must undergo a performance evaluation every three years as defined in the OSHA Standard.

Companies that do not adhere to the OSHA requirements are putting themselves at risk.

They can suffer severe fines by OSHA for allowing their Forklift Operators who are not certified to operate any industrial forklift trucks. That may only be the start of their troubles, however.  If their operator were to have an accident. The costs of injured workers can go as high as $38,000 in direct costs per injured worker and $150,000 in indirect costs.

It is not in the best interest of any company to put themselves or their Forklift Operators at risk.  Forklift training is easy to complete with a Certified OSHA Instructor, and there is even a class (Forklift Train the Trainer Kit) that teaches a designated company employee how to train other Forklift Operators in the company, so the complete forklift training program can be done inhouse and affordably.

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Please Note:  ROI Safety Services does not provide Forklift Training to individuals, only to companies or designated company employees.

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