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Highlight Your Organizational Management Skills with our HR Management Training.

How would you like to stand out as an expert on HR needs for your company? When you invest in your HR skills one of the major steps you’re taking is to turn yourself into a true leader of people.  

Good leaders know how to service their employees and earn their trust, confidence, and loyalty.

Those are the qualities that build morale. A company that has a staff with high morale is a company that has consistently high production and that converts to profits.


Our HR Management Training

Have a look at the HR Training we offer and contact us for a quote today.  We will come to your facility and train on the following:

  1. Hiring and Interviewing Process
  2. Basic Wage and Hour 
  3. Meal and Rest Period
  4. Employee Discipline 
  5. Employee Leaves of Absence 
  6. Harassment & Discrimination  (review)
  7. Effective Communication 
  8. Employee's Information and Confidentiality 
  9. Separation Final Pay Requirements

HR management training

Have a custom request?

If you have a need for specialized subject matter training, we can always create a training to fit those unique needs.

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We also Provide Complete Sexual Harassment Training (Supervisory and Non-supervisory)

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